MIDAS Thermal Analysis Program

 This module analyzes, sorts, and stores all thermal data from a single shovel or a fleet.

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Major functions are,

    Thermal Comparison which allows comparisons of hourly temperature values.
    Long Term Trending which trends daily values for years, quarters, or months.
    Thermal Detail which breakdown the thermal values for a single shovel, on a single day, by the minute
    Database utilities which extracts thermal data from a shovel log file, then builds and stores it into special thermal databases.
    Report, which compares values and produces min, max and distribution reports of the results.

Thermal Comparison Module Selection Process


Yields these results


 For the Long Term Picture, use Thermal Trending

 The chart below is showing a 6 month view of transformer temperatures for a fleet of shovels. 


Detail Down to the minute, with Thermal Detail.  The chart below is showing minute by minute values for all the power transformers on a given shovel.  Not only are the temperatures shown, but also the rise above ambient. This allows an easy check against the manufacturer’s specifications.



 Your Thermal Database is built and maintained with the click of a button with Thermal DB Utilities!



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